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Digital Citizenship




(Digital Citizenship)


(Social Media)


(Information Literacy)


(Secure Your Secrets)


(Internet Research)




(Navigating Cyberspace)


(Spam and Scams)



Goal/Objective:  Engage and educate the student bodies of Dorris Intermediate and Collinsville Middle schools about the dangers, benefits, and best practices of the digital realm.  Students will access monthly collections and read, listen, and watch specially selected resources to explore and test their learning. 


Achievement:  Students access the test through the collection at any time they feel they have mastered the concepts.  After each submission, users are able to view their successes and areas of improvement.  Successful completion of each thematic month requires 90% accuracy. Users who score less than 90% are allowed to review the areas they missed and re-submit in order to achieve the 90% threshold.  


Primary:  Cash Credits (Chrome Cash) that go towards chromebook damage.  (How much per month? Still in discussion)

Secondary:  Building principals and classroom teachers are encouraged to create end of year rewards for successful completions.

Remediation:  Students who violate district digital policies may be required to complete full/part of the program as part of their remediation for proper digital practices.